Global College

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    (2 Years, plus an optional foundation year, MBA)

    The Global College Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a distinctive program that encompasses the study of finance, management, marketing and related disciplines. The curriculum is designed to provide students, with or without previous academic background in business, a solid foundation in business theories and principles while developing the skills managers need to analyze situations and lead organizations. The curriculum is based upon the foundation courses found in all MBA programs, demonstrating how each area in is integrated into a successful business operation. The Global MBA also provides the opportunity to specialize in one area by taking two elective courses in topics of particular relevance to individual interests and career goals.


    2 years of study – Diploma


    The Programme:

    • Develops the managerial and organizational skills of students.
    • Helps the students adapt to potential changes in work and business environment
    • Gives an understanding of decision-making and strategic planning.
    • Provides knowledge in fundamental, specialized and contemporary principles of organization and management
    • Familiarizes prospective executives with business strategy.
    • Eligible for the Government Grant.


    The Programme:

    • Enhances critical thinking.
    • Provides problem-solving, decision-making, as well as, analytical skills and synthetic thinking.
    • Improves oral and written communication.
    • Offers strategic planning simulations in a business context.
    • Provides insight of the internal operations of an organization.
    • Eligible for the Government Grant.
    • Chance to look at the organization’s position in relation to the economic, social, political and legal environment


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