A Brief History

    Global College is a private tertiary institution, which was established in 1972 and operated for 28 years under the name “English Tutorial College”. It's main purpose was to offer Tertiary education in Secretarial Studies. Its strength over the years has been in secretarial studies, office administration, English language, accounting and the development of skills for business administration support. It was registered under the higher education laws in 1991, as the first college in Cyprus. In the year 2000 the College was taken over by Global College Ltd and following its revised status, new aims and objectives were introduced. Between the years 2000 and 2004 the emphasis was placed on the development of post secondary school diploma courses with a concentration on both computer and business studies. In 2004 Global College expanded into its new premises while maintaining its old centrally located facilities. This expansion along with the introduction of new areas of study including a B.A. degree in Business Administration in 2007 increased the number of students from about 300 in the year 2000 to more than 900 students. The capacity according to the estimation of the Ministry of Education, February 2011, is 1480 students in two shifts.

    Educational Objectives

    The set of courses, teaching methods and academic services are all a part of the principles the College follows which benefit both local and international students and assist them in their induction and adjustment into the institution. Students can fulfill their intellectual and professional needs from the educational experiences they receive at the institution.

    Global College insists on the academic excellence of its faculty, conducting educational services that augment the needs of both local and international students, whilst maintaining an informal approach in all issues relevant to the academic services it provides.


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