Global College


    1 year of study – Certificate

    The Course:

  • Offers training for security staff according to the EU standards.

  • Trains bodyguards, capable to deliver high risk missions.

  • Offers training for the protection of people and premises.

  • Eligible for the government grant.


    2 years of study – Diploma


    The Course:

  • Offers risk management training.

  • Familiarizes students with safety issues regarding sports facilities and events.

  • Creates managers who will be able to manage effectively large security teams.

  • Offers supplementary specialized training to members of the security forces in Cyprus and Greece who are responsible for the personal safety of VIPs.

  • Eligible for the government grant.


    4 years of study – Bachelor Degree

    The Course:
  • Offers the necessary knowledge on how to deal with various crisis situations such as accidents, natural disasters and criminal actions.

  • Enables students to familiarize themselves with the design, execution, and evaluation of research in security related topics.

  • Offers the possibility to approach the theme from its theoretical point of view, regarding risk analysis and prevention of critical events in security related areas.

  • Graduates will be equipped to lead a security operation

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