Business Administration


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Title: Diploma

Language: English


Duration of Studies: 2 Years

Course Details

The Diploma in Business Administration equips students with concepts, theories, and techniques to pursue a successful career in a fast-paced and increasingly internationalized economic arena. The programme covers essential competencies, from the business environment and marketing to data analysis, ethics and social responsibility as well as innovative business solutions. Students will become more analytical, creative and independent in their thinking. The management courses in this program, will prepare students for a rewarding career across many areas of business.

Accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

The stated aims of the Diploma in Business Administration programme are:

To provide a sound basis of theoretical knowledge and of practical applications which would support the effective performance, through further work experience, of appropriate professional duties in the industry and the services sectors.

To cultivate an inquisitive mind, a scientific methodological approach to problem solving and presentation of research results.

To expose the students to other non-professionally oriented courses and to widen their horizons and their appreciation of business, cultural and social issues.

Upon successful completion of this programme, its graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate critical thinking in examining, analysing, recommending and applying actions based on business concepts and models to address real-world business issues, through an effectual assessment of global issues facing organizations.
  2. Manage individual and team projects, workplace relationships, and customer service strategies by using effective interpersonal skills.
  3. Apply fundamental concepts and practices of business to manage information in order to solve problems and identify business opportunities.
  4. Anticipate problems and prepare contingency plans, control budgets, design and develop documentation and related processes, and follow legislative and regulatory requirements.

If you wish to remain open with regards to a diverse variety of industries and professions, considering a Diploma in Business Administration is a great place to start. Whatever your position in organizations, having the skills and knowledge to understand the business environment within which organizations work, constitutes an advantage for a successful career. Whether you wish to become an Enterpreneur or work with organizations, the options available can be can be endless. However there are a number of professions which are closely associated with a Diploma.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are the professionals responsible for setting the strategy behind sales initiatives and goals. They resolve customer complaints, prepare budgets, monitor customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts and analyse sales statistics. Most sales managers direct the distribution of goods and services by assigning sales territories, setting sales goals and establishing training programs for the organization’s sales representatives. This may also involve recruiting and hiring new sales staff and evaluating their performances. For the purposes of such a demanding profession, modules such as Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and Principles of Management can aid as important foundation.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts spend their work days gathering data concerning problems or procedures within an organization. They are usually involved in decision making by helping pitch new ideas drawing from their analysis of the collected information, to conclude possible solutions or alterations. New procedures are designed based on interviews conducted with employees, on-site observation and close study of various documents. Organizational behaviour, Principles of Management and Operations Management are some of the modules that can help you acquire such skills.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers estimate the demand for products and services that an organization, and its competitors, offer. They identify potential markets for the organization’s products and oversee a team that develops strategies to maximize profits. In addition, as branding becomes on par with the rest of the operations in many organizations, marketing managers become vital components of every organisation, whether in the private, voluntary or public sectors. Modules such as Introduction to Public Relations, Consumer Behaviour and International Marketing can give you a head start.

Account Manager

Account managers act as an organization’s personal representative to a client. They foster client relationships, work with sales and marketing teams to find new clients, prepare presentations and sales pitches and communicate client agendas to the rest of the company. Depending on their employers, account managers may work with individual customers or clients who represent entire businesses or other organizations. Monitoring budgets and explaining cost factors to clients are also part of this role. If you are interested in such a profession, Managerial Finance, Advanced Accounting and Introduction to Public Relations are some of the modules that you may look at to benefit from.

Programme Structure

Semester 1

DBA 001Organisational Behaviour6
DBA 002Principles of Accounting I6
DBA 003English I6
DBA 004Principles of Management6
DBA 005Business Statistics I6
Semester 2
DBA 006Introduction to Behavioural Economics6
DBA 007Principles of Microeconomics6
DBA 008Human Resource Management6
DBA 009Leadership in Organisations6
DBA 010Computer Fundamentals and Applications6
Semester 3
DBA 011Managerial Finance6
DBA 012Principles of Macroeconomics6
DBA 013Introduction to Public Relations6
DBA 014Marketing6
DBA 015Business Ethics6
Semester 4
DBA 016Introduction to Sociology6
DBA 017Business Law I6
DBA 018Business Research Methods – Final Project6
 Elective Module6
 Elective Module6
Elective Module
DBA 019Principles of Accounting II6
DBA 020Business Law II6
DBA 021Business Statistics II6
DBA 022English II6
DBA 023Operations Management6
DBA 024Strategic Management6
DBA 025Introduction to Psychology6