How To Apply

There Are Two Ways In Which You Make An Application :

  • By downloading a copy of the Application form from the College’s
  • By completing a hard copy of the application form and returning it to us by post, email or fax.

In order to enroll at Global College, the student must produce the following documents:

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • ID Number
  • Registration fee
  • The appropriate tuition fee deposit

The students must also complete the appropriate application form.

International students also require the following:

    • College acceptance letter
    • Original Police Clearance Certificate
    • A Bank letter stating that the student has sufficient funds to pay for his/her tuition fees and other expenses.
    • Original School Leaving
    • Certificate and photocopies attested by a Notary Public in their country

Global College requires that the students sign the appropriate letter regarding their financial commitments. The Immigration authorities reserve the right to make essential changes to the above regulations.


Registration is the process by which students apply to study. It is important that they register in certain time (Academic year 1 September–2 October, 1st Semester 19 June–2 October and 2nd Semester 15-31 January), so as to avoid problems with their induction into a specific course. Registration dates of each new semester are announced before the end of the previous semester.

Academic Policies & Regulations

Awards of Diplomas, Degrees, and Transcripts:

At the conclusion of each semester students receive an Academic Record on which all the courses attended are recorded as well as the grades awarded. Upon successful completion, students are awarded a Diploma or a Degree in their specific field of study. Together with the Diploma or Degree the students also receive an Academic Transcript on which all the courses attended are recorded as well as the corresponding grades.

Change of Students Personal Data

It is the responsibility of each student to inform the College of any changes regarding their personal information, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail.

Student’s Records

These records include personal data, which are not revealed to anyone (except what is required by law), without the student’s prior consent.

Damage of College Property

Students are responsible for any damage to College property and are expected to cover all costs of repairs.


In order to graduate, students must complete all course requirements successfully. The annual graduation ceremony takes place within the first two weeks of July.