Executive Secretarial Studies​


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Title: Diploma – Accredited 

Language: English


(1 Year, plus a Certificate from an appropriate one-year program of study as a prerequisite)

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Acquire the required and relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes for the management of an office.
  • Apply the principles, theories and concepts of management in administrating an office.
  • Perform secretarial duties.
  • Acquire professional standards and ethics necessary for effective secretarial management.
  • Understand how the various components of a business environment influence the operations of an office.
  • Use various computer packages in the management of information in the office.

Program Structure

Code Modules ECTS
ES201 Business English II 4
ES202 Computers III/Computer Essentials 3
ES203 Secretarial Duties II 3
ES204 Basic Principles of Business 4
ES205 Principles of Accounting II 6
ES206 Business Mathematics 4
Any Electives (1 out of 2) for Semester 1
Code Modules ECTS
ES250 Greek Shorthand I 6
ES251 Using Database and Presentation 6

Code Modules ECTS
ES212 Business English III 3
ES213 Computers IV/Online Essentials 2
ES214 Organizational Behavior 4
ES215 Consumer behavior 4
ES216 Principles of Public Relations 4
ES217 Business Statistics I 4
ES218 Using Web and Image Editing 2
Any Electives (1 out of 2) for Semester 2
Code Modules ECTS
ES255 Greek Shorthand II 7
ES256 Intermediate Accounting II 7