Hospitality and Tourism Administration


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Title: Bachelor of Arts 



Duration of Studies: 4 Years 

Course Details

The program enables the development of critical, analytical and synthetic thinking and educates students on hospitality and tourism issues, an industry which is perhaps the most important part of our economy.

At the same time, it fosters effective written and oral communication, familiarizes students with developing a business strategy and trains them in the various disciplines and roles of the industry, thus preparing them to become future leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.

The program also includes internships in various sectors of the tourism industry, while our direct interface with the labour market enables our students to be directly employed upon completion of their studies.

Accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

  • Purpose and Objectives
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Employment Opportunities

This Program of Study has been designed to provide high quality education by exposing students to various aspects of the hospitality and tourism management industry. The Program will assist students to gain the necessary education, knowledge and expertise as tomorrow’s hospitality and tourism business managers. The curriculum has been developed so that students will be able to acquire knowledge that will be valuable for their hospitality and tourism business careers, as well as to understand the basic functions, objectives and tools of management that are common to all managerial roles. Mandatory and elective courses have been developed so as to give students a strong sense of managerial responsibilities needed in hospitality and tourism businesses.  Upon successful graduation, it is expected that graduates will be hired in supervisory or trainee management positions in various hospitality and tourism businesses.

Taking into consideration the purpose of the program, the general objectives are to:

  • Provide students with a solid foundation in Hospitality and Tourism Management in terms of theoretical and practical skills.
  • Develop the students’ capacity to think, analyse and process information in an innovative and creative way.
  • Develop the students’ analytical and critical thinking, as well as their decision-making and communication competencies that will enable them to promote their personal/professional achievement and contribution to any hospitality and tourism organization.
  • Assist students in developing leadership skills which can be used to motivate employees.
  • Provide students with the necessary requirements for future academic and/or career prospects.
  • Enhance analytical skills and decision making in finding solutions to problems relating to any hospitality and tourism organisation.

Upon successful completion of the Hospitality and Tourism Management program, students will be able to:

  • Become familiar with the hospitality and tourism business industry
  • Gain knowledge in the areas of hospitality and tourism business environment
  • Understand the tourism sector and its impact on the economy
  • Understand and address socioeconomic, cultural and environmental issues relevant to managing hospitality and tourism operations
  • Obtain an understanding of the management of organizational personnel and resources
  • Acquire the attributes of a supervisory-level employee, along with organizational abilities
  • Be developed academically through Major, Business, General, Computer, English and Foreign Language, Mathematics and Statistics courses
  • Develop managerial skills through academic and workplace learning activities.
  • Analyze business problems and propose innovative solutions
  • Develop their problem-solving and communication skills
  • Act responsibly as ethical and independent managers
  • Develop a supportive organizational environment that fosters teamwork, loyalty, creativity and mutual understanding
  • Develop operational plans, organize and control organizational resources in order to optimize customer expectations in the hospitality and tourism environment

Upon completion of the program, the graduates will be able to work at in a variety of hospitality and tourism industry sectors, both locally and abroad. Some of the occupations areas of employment are: Food and Beverage Management, Hotel and Resort  Management, Front Office Manager, Reservations Supervisor, Assistant Hotel or Restaurant Manager, Marketing and Sales Director, Event Planners, Travel Agents, National Tourism Organisations, Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Associations, Agritourism Establishments, Customer Service and Self-Employed.

Program Structure

CodeCourse titleECTS
TOU-100 Introduction to the Hospitality & Tourism Industry6
ENG-200English Writing6
ACC-103Accounting I6
CSC-100Computer Applications6


CodeCourse titleECTS
MGT-101Introduction to Management6
TOU-318Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Industry6
ACC-203Accounting II6
ENG-210Advance English6
BUS-502Research Methodology I6


CodeCourse titleECTS
MGT-301Operations Management6
MGT-202Organizational Behaviour6

CodeCourse titleECTS
HOSP-200Front Office Operations6
HOSP-202Housekeeping & Maintenance Management6
HOSP-205Restaurant Operations Management6
HOSP-114Summer Practicum I - Front Office Operations6

CodeCourse titleECTS
HOSP-206Food & Beverage Management6
MIS-704Management Information Systems6


CodeCourse titleECTS
HRM-305Human Resource Management6
TOU-306Case Studies in International Tourism & Hospitality6
HOSP-208Food & Beverage Cost Control6
HOSP-214Summer Practicum II - Kitchen, Food & Beverage6


CodeCourse titleECTS
TOU-324Sustainable Tourism Heritage & Society6
TOU-408Sustainable Tourism6
HOSP-309Hospitality and Tourism Marketing6
TOU-416Innovation in Tourism & Hospitality Management6


CodeCourse titleECTS
HOSP-400Managing Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry6
TOU-400European Community Tourism Law & Policy6
BUS-503Research Methodology II6
HOSP-314Summer Practicum III - Hotels, Restaurants & Bars6