Visa Support

Visa Requirements For EU And Non-EU Students

Residence Card For EU Students 
  • Passport or ID. Please note that EU citizens may travel freely to Cyprus but are required to submit an Application for Issue of Residence Permit to the Migration Department within four (4) months of their date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus. The Office of Admissions will assist with this procedure.

  • EU students are obliged by the Migration Department regulations to have health insurance coverage or alternatively the EU Hospitalization Card.

Entry Permit For Non-EU Students

All non-EU students, who apply to Global College, require a visa to enter Cyprus. Provided that all the required documents and payments have been received, the college will submit the student’s documents to the Migration Authorities and Ministry of Education for further approval. Once the visa application is approved, the visa will be issued in Cyprus and the student will be informed accordingly. A copy of the visa will be sent to the student as this will be required for the student to travel.

Non-EU Students

Following the above, a Conditional Acceptance Letter will be issued and we will guide you on how to submit the following to the Office of Admissions:

  • €150 Application Fee (application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee).

  • €86 Student Visa Fee (visa application will not be processed without this non-refundable fee)

  • original attested copy of High School Leaving Certificate and mark sheets

  • Original attested passport copy (valid for at least two years from the start of the semester to be enrolled)

  • Original attested Police Clearance Certificate (6 months validity period)

  • Original attested bank letter (6 months validity period) stating that the student’s sponsor has the financial ability to support his/her living, tuition, and repatriation expenses. The sponsor may only be Father/Mother/ Self. In the case of another Sponsor, please supply a Court Affidavit. The letter must also clearly state the relationship between the Sponsor and the student

  • Original attested bank statement (1-month validity) which clearly shows the minimum amount of €7,000 in the sponsor’s account

  • Original attested blood test results for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, and C (4 months validity)

  • Original attested chest X-ray report for Tuberculosis (4 months validity)

Students who are applying for a Masters’s degree must also submit an Attested copy of their Bachelor’s Degree and Transcripts.

  • Bank swift receipt of €3000 partial deposit payment (the amount will be deducted from the total payable fees

Important Notes
  • All the above documents must first be scanned and sent via email to your College advisor or to for confirmation. Then, all ORIGINAL documents must be mailed (by courier) to the college to Global College, International Department, 245 Eleonon St, 2048 Strovolos P.O. Box 24621, Nicosia, Cyprus

  • The visa (Temporary Entry Permit) is valid only for a limited number of days after arrival and it must be renewed immediately. The student must contact the Student Support Department of the college to arrange and apply for the Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip).

Bank Account

All students must open a Bank account with a local Bank and your passport should be presented to the bank when opening a bank account. Do not forget to ask for a confirmation of your account’s balance

Medical Tests

All medical tests including the x-ray must be redone once the student arrives in Cyprus.

Migration Regulations

According to the Cyprus authorities, students must attend their classes regularly. Students who do not register for an academic year will have to depart from Cyprus.

Attestation Of Documents

Students are required to have the aforementioned documents attested by the appropriate/relevant authorities in their home country. The attestation process differs between countries that have signed the Hague Convention of 1961 (Apostille) and those that have not. Please contact an Admissions Counsellor for instructions on how to attest documents in your country. Attested documents must be in English. In cases where a translation is necessary, this must be done by an approved translator and attested by the relevant authorities in the applicant’s country. Duly attested documents for visa applications should be scanned and sent to your Admissions Counsellor’s email for approval and further instructions.

Health Insurance

All non-EU students are obliged by Migration Department regulations to have medical insurance coverage. This medical insurance must be renewed with each annual registration.